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About Jill

“Aviation Bug” Bite = Consuming Passion and Desire to Share with Others
In 1985, Jill Gernetzke was “bit” by the Aviation Bug when she flew to Alaska in an
airplane for the first time in her life – a small floatplane – from a country airport in
Wisconsin. With less than 10 hours of instruction, Jill soloed at night in the Land
of the Midnight sun – in a small tailwheel airplane with no lights, brakes or radios.
Ever since that first flight, she has been relentless in sharing the many different
aspects of aviation: Offered apprenticeships for aircraft mechanics, directed an
aviation camp for the State of Vermont, started a Women in Aviation, Int’l
chapter in San Diego, CA, became a Charter Member of the Association for
Women in Aviation Maintenance (Member #048), organized a 9-day trip to bring
a group of Russian WWII airwomen to San Diego and share their stories with
many groups and people, been an airport activist, barnstormed as a wingwalker
with American Barnstormers at airshows, spoken professionally at numerous
aviation events, served as a Board of Director for the Cessna 195 Club, written
technical documents for several aviation publications, conducted post-crash
analyses for the NTSB, host of the annual Red Star Pilots Association Formation
Clinic and is a current Board Member of the Aviation Heritage Center of Kingman.

Jill is the President of M-14P, Incorporated – a global aviation company which
specializes in the restoration, repair and overhaul of former Eastern Bloc engines
and aircraft. She is also an FAA-certified pilot, mechanic and inspector.

The former is a long list of involvements and accomplishments. Jill’s aviation
“history” demonstrates her passion to share aviation with others. AHCoK
provides an opportunity to do so by serving as a founding Board Member. Jill
shares the far-reaching vision of ACHoK to build a world-class facility that
becomes a bucket list destination.